MMA Fighter Joe Torrez’ Attorney Details Home Invasion

MMA Fighter Joe Torrez’ Attorney Details Home Invasion

Chris Matthews of MMALockup spoke with CJ McElhinney, the attorney for Joe Torrez, the MMA fighter who defended his home against members of a local gang, killing one. McElhinney walks us through the facts of the incident, and what to expect with regards to the possibility of potential charges.

Length: 34:56

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  • Bernice Escobedo

    My prayers and support goes to Joe Torrez and his family. By showing support in this incident we are exercising our own RIGHT to protect our family in OUR own homes! May God bless his family!

    • TMDIVO

      Right on.

  • mike ramirez

    dear mr torez do the police think the home invasion that they came over for coffie and cookies most of the time even if you do every thing they ask for it dosent turn oute ok for people the reason i say this is i am a retired bodey guard your pro training turned on in the time you needed it the most you put your familey frist and your are a real hero of all men i wish you all good luck young man rembor this you were ferring for your life rembor this no matter what you were ferring for your life your are a true hero deley force was needed to stope the bad people i will pray for you mr torrez dont second guess your self they would hurt you if they could good bless you


    How did they get Torrez’ phone number if they didn’t know the perps? Torrez attny stated that Torrez only knew one of the perps from his reputation but didn’t know any of them personally.

    Other than that question, it’s pretty cut and dry. He was defending his family against this vermin who came to his home that night, unprovoked. I don’t understand what moron in the DA’s office would consider charges against him. Mr. T actually did everyone a favor by taking out one of the thugs.

    The police should worry about getting the 4th thug in jail, he’s still running free.

    I hope Mr. Torrez and everyone in the home that night will stay safe. There are too many thugs and wanna-be’s looking to make a name for themselves in the form of retribution.